Sunday, December 30, 2007

Country Stars

Ben surprised me by putting up two quilt hangers in the upstairs hallway this afternoon, replacing the nails that previously hung a quilt mounted on a dowel. That meant I was able to put up this lovely little quilt!

The quilt is made from a Fig Tree Quilts pattern booklet produced by Leisure Arts called Quaint Quilts to Love, but is modified slightly in that they called for enlargement of the pattern by something like 179%; I just used it at the size printed in the book, which resulted in a smaller top, exactly what I wanted. I bought the kit from at vendor at the International Quilt Festival Chicago last spring, proving that I do, once in a while, finish the projects that I buy at shows.

I made all of the little stars in July while Ben read to me Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; I finally quilted it in November with some simple meandering and a random star border design, applying binding while in New Hampshire at Thanksgiving. Now, it's found its home in the hallway and just makes me happy!

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