Monday, January 19, 2009

Batik Quilt with Borders

I asked for opinions earlier this month as to what color I should use for the narrow border surrounding my batik quilt center. I did listen to your feedback and bought some teal in addition to the gold I ended up using as well as a third option. It just turned out that when I auditioned them on the design wall today, the gold really sang to me, especially with the wide purple outer border.

I hadn't necessarily wanted to put purple in the outer border, but in the end, it was really the only option as my trip to the quilt shop was not terribly successful in identifying fabrics that would actually work with my center. I wanted a multicolored fabric to pick up some of the other tones of the center, but it also needed to be a relatively dark fabric. Unfortunately, not may options were currently in stock that fit the bill! However, I guess that made my decision-making process that much easier, right?

In the end, I do really like it. I have plenty of fabric left over in this palette and am trying to decide if I want to make one of the quilts from the February issue of American Patchwork & Quilting - Zen - using this grouping. I'm very much itching to make this pattern (I have the magazine and was dying to make it since I first saw it while on the Cape last month) and have these and loads of other batiks that I could choose from. But do I want my next quilt to be a bit lighter? Or will I like having two that are very complementary? Decisions, decisions!


Gina said...

Love how the quilt has turned out. The Zen quilt will look beautiful in those colours

ove and hugs Gina xxxx

Martha said...

I love the colors.


Tamara said...

I forgot to comment on this quilt. I like it a lot. I know how you feel about the selection of fabrics sometimes -- too many is overwhelming, but sometimes what is available just isn't quite what I want either! I think this turned out nicely.

I like that Zen pattern. I have a few other similar patterns and am always drawn to those for the batiks.