Sunday, May 31, 2009

Christmas in May

That's definitely what it felt like at my sewing bee last Thursday night! After much cajoling, one of our bee members convinced us to get up from our sewing stations and go to her car in the parking lot to check out all of the home decorating fabric samples that she had stashed in the back of her car and was giving away for free. And while we were all somewhat reluctant to go out to the car with excuses such as not really using home decorator fabrics, not needing more fabric in our stash, etc., we pretty much all walked away with some GORGEOUS treasures, and some of us with huge armloads full.

Check out some of these wonderful pieces I came home with, and these are just a few from many:

I'm still trying to imagine what anyone driving by must have thought about seven or eight women standing in a parking lot around an overflowing suitcase, holding up fabric samples, loading them in their arms, creating little piles of them, etc. It must have been quite a sight (did they think some kind of deal was going down?), but I don't think any of us minded. Thanks to Judy and her daughter (who works in the industry) for providing us with some future fun (I'm not promising when I will finish anything with these beauties)!

Ideas for what I should do with this? None of the pieces are terribly large, but I'm envisioning some pillows and bags. I would love additional ideas!

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Mom said...

Were you one with huge armloads of fabric? Looks like you got some pretty nice ones. I'm sure you'll be able to use your creativity and make it into something fantastic.