Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paper Piecing Along...

For a complete change of pace, I'm mixing in some paper piecing on my Thistlepods quilt while working on all of the baby quilts. I thought this would be a good way to stay motivated; while I enjoy paper piecing, I do find that I get bored with long periods of it, so need to mix it up a bit.

On Friday afternoon and evening (amongst other things), I was able to piece together 16 of the arc sections seen here (4 of each color), as well as 7 of the center arc units. While I've yet to trim them up or remove the paper (I'll save that for some TV night), it's nice to be able to lay them out and get a better sense of what part of the final product will look like.

Loads more paper piecing to go on this project; I can't even estimate how much that I've completed represents. Hopefully I can stay motivated. Tomorrow night I need to focus my efforts on a new project for my art quilt group. All I need is the perfect idea!

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