Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Thistlepod progress

Well, life has been rather crazy of late, but in mostly good ways. I haven't had as much time for sewing as I might like, but I have engaged in many typical summer activities, including preparing loads and loads of jam (39 jars of strawberry, 38 jars of peach and 37 jars of blueberry), canning 7 quarts of sliced peaches, bumping back up to long runs on the weekends - up to 10.6 miles this past one (we even had the pleasure of seeing two deer in a wooded area we ran through and they didn't mind us at all, beautiful!), taking weekly swimming lessons to prepare for our trip to Australia and New Zealand later this year, and attending plenty of Brewers baseball games. No wonder quilting has hit the back burner!

I have, however, made some scattered progress on the Thistlepod quilt, as well as several baby quilts, and while I missed the last Thistlepod class, I learned that I misunderstood the homework to be done for that class and I actually have everything done for class #3. How cool is that! For once I'm not doing something last-minute!

Here are some of the units I've been working on:

I hope you're all enjoying your summer and finding time for quilting amidst everything else too!


Jen said...

I think your thistle pod quilt is really coming together quite well. That's one in depth quilt!!!

It looks great. =)

Mary said...

I am planning on starting a Thistle pod and was looking at web sites to see any comments on making it. Funny I should find your's as I will be going to Patched Works today to purchase fabric for it. It's nice to see your pictures of what the pieces will look like. Mine will have some modifications as it is for a Breast Cancer Auction Event for Sept 26. You seem to be able to keep many quilts going at once. Hope you keep working on yours as I'm sure I could use any suggestions you have along the way. It would have been nice to take that class, but I tend to have scheduling issues for any classes longer than one date. Also would not have known what colors to make the quilt in at that point.
Thanks for the interesting blog, I was happy to find it and that at some point maybe I can send you a picture of it.