Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ginkgo Leaves Quilt

After doing some household chores yesterday, I decided to start the Ginkgo Leaves quilt that I purchased some fabric for on the Shop Hop earlier this month. The pattern is in the book Batik Gems by Laurie Shifrin. I started around 3 p.m. making fabric selections (I decided to use a few from my stash in addition to those I bought on the shop hop), and even with a bit of a break, by 7 p.m., the quilt was at this stage - totally quilted and ready for binding!

I love how this quilt turned out and can't wait to go sew on the binding now (my apologies for the weird angle on the photo - it's what you get when you hold the camera above your head to shoot something on the floor). I'm sure I'll finish this up tonight - those darned Yankees are still in post-season play and you can't miss Yankees or Red Sox post-season games in this house ... even though I don't really follow any NL teams that made it, I'll root for whomever makes it to the World Series.


Jammin said...

You can't really miss *any* post-season baseball in this house. :)

It did provide you with the opportunity to finish the binding on your ginkgo quilt, though!

Karen said...

Very pretty!

mom said...

Very nice, Shel. I am sure that the picture doesn't do it justice entirely, does it?

Denise said...

What a great quilt! I love the design. I think it's amazing that you had it done in just a few hours! (I am a very slow beginning quilter)

I found you via a Google search - I was looking for a ginkgo quilt design because I want to make a gift for a friend. Thanks for including the name of the book this is from too. :-)
It's available from my local library so I'm going to request it asap.