Thursday, March 18, 2010

Reading Instructions is Important...

and advisable before you sew 160 or so half-square triangles and trim them up and then realize that the pattern designer did NOT want you to sew on each side of the diagonal line you drew on the back - you were supposed to SEW on the line!  So I have twice as many half-square triangles as I needed, and they're all the wrong size!  ARG.

And I no longer have enough of either fabric to continue work on this quilt.  This is a major bummer - I'd wanted to make some progress and can't really do anything else until I make the center pinwheels.  Here's the project - Atkinson Designs' Pearls 'n Pinwheels.

Maybe I can sneak out from the quilt show on Saturday to pick up some replacement fabric from Patched Works...  and now I've gotta figure out what to do with all of these ill-fitting blocks!


Jen said...

Michelle, how much do you need of each? I'll be in the shop briefly tomorrow morning so if you email me back I can get it cut and bring it with me. I'm coming to the quilt show tomorrow around 5. I can bring it along. If you aren't there, I'll leave it with Lisa - she can pass it off to you on Saturday.

Mom said...

What a bummer, Shel. And how thoughtful of your friend Jen to offer to bring you more fabric to the quilt show.