Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lorax Quilt

Completed Lorax quilt
Jonah has been a pretty big fan of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax for quite some time, though his tastes have widened quite a bit in the last couple of months. Thus, when I saw that Robert Kaufman Fabrics had a line out dedicated to The Lorax, I knew I needed to make Jonah a quilt.

I purchased the panels and a few of the prints without having a plan in mind.  I knew I didn't really care for many of the kits and patterns on the market as I personally find them a bit too busy for my tastes. After mulling some ideas for a while, I sprung into action so I could finish the quilt as a second birthday present for him. Ultimately, I opted to keep it simple, in part so that I could finish in a timely manner, but also so I didn't have to purchase additional fabric. In the end, I cut the panels to size and framed them with coordinating fabrics in the line, arranging in three rows of three and framing with a scrappy narrow border.

He was certainly excited when he opened it on his birthday (see pictures below) and he insisted for a brief period on having it on his lap when we read to him, but he has by now largely lost interest in it. I hope that changes as the weather grows colder and as he grows a bit older!

Wow - this feels so nice!
Checking out the front - look at these cool pictures from the book!
Climbing up on the table to get a better look!

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Kath said...

Hello Michelle. I have no idea how I arrived here, you know how it is when you are googling and blog hopping. I am recovering from surgery and spending a long time browsing on my PC!
I love your blog and have enjoyed seeing all your quilts, especially the shimmer quilt, I just love it! I am a novice quilter, learning as I go and enjoying it all very much.
So nice to meet you!
Blessings Kath in England