Sunday, April 13, 2008

IQF - Chicago

Yes, I do realize that nearly half the month has gone by and I have yet to post in April. Life's been just a bit too busy for quilting and blogging of late. Boo hoo! I did drop two quilts off with Sandi last week to be quilted, so you can look forward to photos of those before too long.

However, today I thought I'd share photos of some of my favorite quilts from a trip down to IQF Chicago yesterday. Ben was a trooper and agreed to accompany me down for the day. We started off with the vendor area because it was furthest from the door and that area was mobbed when they let the entire crowd in when the doors opened at 10. I'll share photos of my purchases later in the week...

Apparently I must be ready for spring (although the weather clearly wasn't yesterday as we ran into a bit of snow on the drive back up); the vast majority of the quilts I took photos of featured flowers.

Study #2

B.J. Titus
Coatesville, PA

The Meadow: Camas
by Jean McLaughlin
Silver City, NM

Colorful Caladiums
Sandra Werlich
Carbondale, IL

Spring's Greeting
Frieda Anderson
Elgin, IL

Just Dandy
Ruth Powers
Carbondale, KS

Standing Tall
Sue Holdway-Heys
Ann Arbor, MI

Air: That Which Surrounds and Influences
Patricia Gould
Albuquerque, NM

Evening Star
Maria Elkins
Dayton, OH

Dancing with the Chinook
Linda Beach
Chugiak, AK

Heidi Stegehuis-Ihle
Cadier en Keer
The Netherlands

Maria Elkins
Dayton, OH

A Better Home and Garden

Elizabeth Armstrong, quilted by Marcia Bowen
Arlington Heights, IL

Spring Dreaming
Peggy Brown
Nashville, IN

Summer Squash Garden
Judith Trager
Boulder, CO

This post is getting REALLY long and I'm getting tired of mucking around with trying to create a decent layout for these in Blogger, so I'll include more photos in another post soon, once I've gotten my patience back.

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Tamara said...

These are beautiful... And springy. But what I am really waiting to see is what you bought!!