Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Quilt Show Shopping

A number of you have asked for a shopping report from my trip to Chicago. So... here goes. I'll admit that I probably bought more than I should have, but at least several of these are intended as gifts (when I get to them).

For starters, I went down there with the full intent of buying some or all of the Prairie Paisley collection by Minick and Simpson (read an article by them on the line on the Jolly Jabber). It's a new Americana collection and I like it because it's not too toned down. I ended up buying the kit to make this pattern, Suffragette, designed by Heartspun Quilts (there's a website listed on their pattern, but it doesn't appear to be valid). I bought it at the Quilter's General Store (Rockford, IL) booth and they had TONS of cute things; I had a hard time limiting my purchases.

Also at their booth, I bought the pattern for this Stars to Freedom quilt, by Carol Hopkins Designs. They had a kit and I debated and debated about buying it, but in the end decided it was overpriced. I did like it a lot though, and it wasn't made in reproductions so-to-speak (as in the picture at right), but rather warm browns and reds like from the Chocolat and similar Moda lines. Seeing as I have scraps and a good number of fat quarters from these lines, I figured I could probably make it (or most of it) drawing upon my stash.

You'd best sit down before I tell you about this next kit I bought. You just might fall over if you are unprepared... Why? Because it's an APPLIQUE pattern! Yes, I am feeling okay and figure I need to start getting over this aversion to applique. This item convinced me of the need to do so. It's the Blueberry Cobbler pattern from Joined at the Hip. I loved the blues and browns. There were a couple of other patterns and kits at this booth that tempted me, but in the end I decided that since the physical shop was only in Oshkosh (I'm going from memory here because I don't have the outside package with me as I write this), I could always make a road trip there at some point.

I have developed a bit of a stash of Daiwabo fabrics from the club at Bigsby's and as leftovers from a couple of works in progress. I'm going to use them to make this Garden Wall Quilt by Fiber Mosaics (the one in the background), maintaining the dark centers as in the pattern. Another project to use some stash! That's good, right?

Whew... yes, my bag was getting heavy at this point, but there were still a few other things too good to resist. Like this Broken Arrow pattern by Contrary Wife Designs. I bought it at the Gruber's Quilt Shop booth and they had bunches of other yummy projects. While I don't really care for the colors in the photo on the pattern, the shop put together a kit in WONDERFUL purple batiks and I think it will be the perfect gift for a certain someone (who will remain nameless...) who loves this color and had suggested a wall hanging would be a good gift (she didn't specify what year)!

My final purchases came from the booth for the Pincushion Boutique. I've seen them previously at other booths and they always have these fabulous fat quarter bundles done up on coordinating sets - eight fat quarters that they call "Sweet Treats." They also feature patterns that can be made with one of these Sweet Treats, plus inner and outer borders. They're nothing complicated, but really visually attractive. And the woman clearly has a knack for putting together fabrics. I couldn't decide between two batik Sweet Treats - one in subtle gray-green-blues (the scan doesn't do it justice) and one in more jewel-toned blues and purples (again, the scan doesn't do justice).

Then I had the same issue deciding between two of the patterns that can be made from the Sweet Treats and Ben gave me the go ahead to just get them all. Isn't he sweet? I ended up picking up these two by Pressed for Time Quiltworks. I think I'll do Shake it Up! in the more subtle line and Walkin' the Line in the brighter color way.

So, those are my purchases. Like I said, I had just a little bit of fun! Now all I need is more time to work on these projects!

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