Monday, April 6, 2009

Painting & Decorating

Seeing as winter isn't in a hurry to leave us here (at least we didn't the the snow that they were calling for yesterday!), we've had plenty of time to work on putting the house back together after the painting was completed last Tuesday.

We've had a lot of questions about how things have gone with the painting and what things look like now. Here are photos of the living room, dining room, upstairs hall and a look up the stairs (changing the paint color from black to white on the risers lightened up that area remarkably!!!). We're still playing with layout in the living and dining rooms - we'd brought in some, but not all - of the furniture for a large quilt guild meeting last week and came upon the current setting, which we like a lot (with the love seat in a corner). The new curtains are from JCPenney, the curtain rods from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and the rug from Pottery Barn. Had loads of fun trying out different samples from a variety of stores (and even more fun returning them later!). We're really, really liking the new colors and decor.

Built-in corner cabinet in dining room:

View from living into dining:

Looking towards the front of the house in the living room:

The fireplace and mantle:

Looking toward the back of the house in the living room:

View up the stairs (like I said, the white is amazingly different! the handrails are a different color now too):

Second floor hallway:

What do you think? I think Ben might be going into withdrawal as he no longer has the painter here during the way. But two weeks was long enough!


MOM said...

Adding the furniture certainly toned down the grey in the living room. It's hard to tell exactly what the drapes are, but from the pictures, everything looks very nice. I can't wait to come out and see it in person.

Dad said...

Hey we could get Ben a Parrot to keep him company.