Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentine's Postcards

I don't participate very actively in the Bernina_Aurora Yahoo group to which I belong, but it did come in handy when I was having issues with my embroidery machine and all kinds of useful tips do come through, when I have time to read them (along with a lot of chaff). In the fall, I'd seen various postings about a postcard exchange that one of the members organized. Unfortunately, I was too busy at the time to give it much thought.

When I saw a posting about a month ago for a Valentine's postcard exchange, I decided to sign up. I thought it would be a good way to challenge myself to do something new, and at the time, it seemed like I had all kinds of time until Valentine's day. Well... time does have a way of slipping away. Tonight I finished my five postcards to mail out to women across the country - one each in Colorado, Texas and North Carolina, and two in Virginia.

I ended up creating three designs using whatever fabric I already had in my stash. The base is fast2fuse interfacing, a double-sided stiff fusible interfacing, and I am SO glad that I didn't accidentally fuse this to my iron or ironing board. Thank goodness for the inventor of the applique pressing sheet! The satin-stitched edge could use some work, but hey, I've never tried that edge finish before. I am getting marginally better with the satin-stitched applique, but my overall design skill evidenced in these is rather simplistic. I'd hoped for something artsy-ier. I guess you gotta start somewhere.

I'm looking forward to receiving my postcards in the mail and will share photos with you when I receive them. Hopefully the recipients - and you - will enjoy these.

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