Sunday, June 22, 2008

Back at it!

I've made it through my reunion and hope to have some more time for quilting now that that's behind me (well... I do still have some bills and accounting to take care of, but at this point, the time commitment is minimal). I was completely exhausted upon my return from New Hampshire and found it difficult to motivate this past week, but I did make some progress on my Suffragette quilt. Here it is in its current state. All of the blocks are sewn, and laid out and about half of the rows are sewn together. I may actually have the top pieced in time for the 4th of July!!

I also wanted to share pictures of Ben's Gram with the quilt I made her. He gave it to her when he saw her on the Cape two weeks ago. She really likes it, thankfully, and apparently others have dibs on the quilt when she's no longer around to appreciate it (isn't that awful?).

My main tasks for the weekend, however, involved time outdoors and in the kitchen. The local fruit farm where I go to pick strawberries, apples and pears wasn't terribly impacted by the rains and they just opened their fields for picking. Ben and I got up bright and early yesterday to pick these yummy treats (and we managed to not go too much overboard with the picking this year!). This afternoon's work in the kitchen yielded 32 of these lovely jars of jam. I have some left and need to decide how much more I want to make, if any (I think I've made about 48 jars in past years and don't want to be caught short).

I even got inspired to pick up ribbon at Jo-Ann's yesterday and work on the labels before December rolls around and I need to get it ready for the holidays ASAP (gasp!).

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Gabby said...

32 jars of jam! I thought we picked a bunch of strawberries because I made 13 jars of regular jam and 6 jars of freezer jam. Even with Aaron helping me out with the hulling and mashing of the berries, I was still thoroughly exhausted when we finished (with just a few burns on my hands). Now I get to rest till the blue berries are ready. I may also try my hand at cherry jam but we'll see.