Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Suffragette in Progress

On Saturday I tempted you by mentioning that I might post images showing my progress on the Suffragette quilt that I purchased at the IQF Chicago. I did do some serious work on it over Memorial Day Weekend, when I cut everything out and started making the cake stand blocks, and when I also managed to sew my own finger! To date, I've made time to finish half of the cake stand blocks (18) and I pieced all of the four-patches as well. Here are four of each of the blocks. I still have loads to sew before I finish and I think the goal of having it done by the Fourth of July is hopeless, but at least it's bright and summer-y and I've been able to accomplish a small bit of sewing these last few weeks.

I really do love this fabric line and once I finish this (assuming I don't get distracted by another project), I think I'll whip up the bargello-y flag design that Julie presented in last month's Moda U. meeting at Patched Works. (An added benefit - at least it should be from Ben's perspective - is that that project won't require any additional fabric shopping!)

I still might go fabric shopping on Saturday (when Ben is gone) in my new vehicle... which is now supposed to arrive on tomorrow (Thursday). The date keeps getting moved back. Yes, we're finally getting rid of Betty II and getting Betty III - a blue Ford Escape! Yay!


Tamara said...

A new car... I am so jealous. Is it the Hybrid or just the regular?

Michelle said...

just the regular! will post a photo soon.