Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Serenity Circles

I took some time out of reunion planning tonight and finished sewing down the binding on this quilt for Ben's Grandma (Gram). He's headed to New Hampshire this weekend for his high school reunion (15... ha ha ha!) and will head to the Cape for a few days, where he'll see her and give this to her as a belated Mother's Day gift. (Mom Sweetser: if you read this, mum's the word for a few more days!)

I was inspired to make this quilt after seeing a sample at Bigsby's Sewing Center, where I've been going to the Daiwabo Club and building up quite a stash of these subtle fabrics. The quilt is made from the Serenity Circles pattern by Elisa's Backporch. The pattern calls for her 7" Crazy Curves Template, but I modified the pattern (inspired by the model at Bigsby's) by using a smaller template from the Strips'n Curves Template Set, which made a 6-inch block. (Plus I already had this template set... because I have a Strips'n Curves work-in-progress that may get finished some day.)

I shared a photo of this and another Daiwabo work-in-progress (that is still a WIP) a while back before I'd had it quilted. Once again, Sandi quilted this for me and did a beautiful job. Finished size of the quilt is 48x60. I like it so much that I hate to part with it, but I know it's going to a loving home. Enjoy, Gram!

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Tamara said...

This turned out really lovely. And of course, it is just up my color-scheme alley!!