Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Project Report

Well, some quilting projects move along more slowly than others... And this is one of the slow ones. I'm pretty certain that I got in a good solid 5+ hours of sewing today and all I finished were 2 of the 7 rows! Now mind you that there is an individual checkerboard sewn between each of the squares you see, and the checkerboard finishes at 1". There's really no way to speed piece this, as there are so many pieces to keep track of and each one needs to be in just the right place.

While I was at one point ready to beat my head against the wall, I am thankful that I had a solid chunk of time to work on it today because I think that I have my head around what I need to do now so that I can probably work on it in the evenings and not have it take over my whole sewing area or drive me totally insane. Unfortunately, today's progress indicates that I will not finish this before giving in to my round-robin project, due on the 17th.

And Tam, I'm sorry if I'm making you feel guilty. Perhaps I shouldn't mention, then, that I finished my French braid project yesterday afternoon (I'll photograph it and write about it when I've gotten it quilted).

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