Monday, January 21, 2008

Round Robin - Finished!

I dropped off my completed round robin top at Patched Works today and Caren, the owner of this particular top, has seen it, so I don't feel bad about posting pictures of my work today. Schedules were too crazy to arrange in January a meeting amongst our entire group, and given that some in the group hope to quilt their tops in time for the guild's show in March, we opted to do a drop-off and pick-up with three days next week at the shop for viewing. I'm looking forward to seeing my top next week!

I debated about what to do with Caren's quilt (see my post on January 8) and in the end decided that the top needed to finish on a darker note. I added this shaded borders round to make the outside a bit darker, following instructions from The Border Workbook by Janet Kime. I did cut my strips wider than instructed in the book so that they would fit this top properly and also so that they would finish at a more appropriate border width. I am truly thankful that I had a decent background in geometry (actually, it was my favorite math class!), and for the genius of the Pythagorean theorem. I had no idea in 10th grade that I would use those formulas with such regularity in my quilting; without this basic grounding, I never would have been able to calculate my cuts for this quilt! (I also was able to catch an error in the measurements stated in the book.)

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Gabby said...

You made a wise choice with the blue border. It makes everything else pop and creates a great frame.