Monday, January 28, 2008

Quick 'n Easy Charm Quilt

I found an online tutorial on Wendy's Snippets of a Quilter blog to make a quick top from 9-patches made from charm squares. Sew the 9-patches, cut into quarters and sew them back together. The result looks like you did much more cutting and sewing than you did. (My apologies, this isn't the best photo.)

I just so happens that I have a goodly stack of charms and I'd really been itching to use the April Cornell Sonnet collection (I think this was particularly strong of late because the colors make me think of spring). Turns out it was the same collection featured in the tutorial! I used nearly three packs to put this one together, limiting the use of the brown fabric to the center square in the 9-patch (which was the one that ended up being cut into quarters with a quarter in each of the resulting blocks) and the setting triangles. I love this quilt and it was so simple. It'd be great to use this idea to whip up a few baby quilts quick-like.

Only problem: I can't decide whether I want to put a border on this or not. I like the size that it is, but maybe a border would be nice too. Either way, I think I could still manage to quilt it myself. What do you think? I'd probably go with a brown border, but would consider another color as well.

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