Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Quilt Show Photos

Whether you missed our quilt show last weekend or want to see the quilts that were there again, you're in luck! Ben was a sweetheart and took photos of all 300+ items at the show. I think this took him longer than he expected. He killed the batteries on both of our cameras and had to borrow memory from Lisa, another quilter. But he was going to get through all of those quilts!

And then he spent a good portion of Sunday fixing the shots, uploading them to his Picasa album, adding all of the information from our program book so that people could search by quilt number, category, quilter, or quilt name. I think that probably took longer than he expected, but he was totally into it. I wasn't going to complain or intervene! What a sweet guy - a keeper - as one of the guild members described him!

I've also linked to his album to create the slideshow running at right. Enjoy!

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