Friday, March 14, 2008

Television Star?

On Wednesday morning, I had the opportunity to appear on a local television program to promote our quilt show. Kelli Effinger, one of the co-chairs for the show, and I appeared on The Morning Blend, an hour-long show that appears Monday through Friday on WTMJ-4 here in Milwaukee.

It was great to have this publicity for our show, but we were a bit disappointed in that the questions Molly and Alison asked were more about quilting in general and less about the quilt show. And they led in by giving the wrong dates for the show! But overall, the message came through and it was a fun opportunity; once you get started, you kinda forget that there are cameras out there, and the time flies.

If you're interested, you can watch my segment online.

I'm exhausted today, having spent all day yesterday setting up our awesome show. Watch for more postings with photos in the coming days.

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