Sunday, March 22, 2009

House Painting

We've finally gotten around to painting the downstairs area of our house, something we've talked about doing since we bought the house and moved in 4 years ago. And it's only getting done now because we opted to pay someone else to do it! We spent last weekend moving pretty much everything either out to the garage, to the spare bedroom, or down to the basement and the only things currently remaining in the rooms are the sofa, love seat, and oversized chair. After one attempt at getting the love seat out the front door, we decided to leave it sit.

The painters started on Tuesday and will be back this week. I guess I never really asked how long it would take, but assumed the week from some other comments the gentleman had made. While we're anxious to get back into the rooms - especially the dining room as we have been eating at either the desks in our office/sewing room or from a third chair sitting in the kitchen. Fun times!

So here are some in-progress photos for the dining room, entry hall, and living room. We really are loving the colors and I spent a good deal of yesterday looking for a new rug for the living room and curtains that will both match the paint but also fit stylistically with the rug. This is no easy task, apparently!

Living room before:

Living room now:
View from dining to living before:

View from dining to living now:

Dining room before:

Dining room now:

We're loving the colors and can't wait to move back into the space. Hallways into the upstairs space will be painted as well as the risers, handrails, and spindles, so it really is a good amount of work. I'll keep you updated on the progress!


Erica Frankenberg said...

Ooh-great color choices. That looks spectacular. The inside of your house will look springlike even if the weather isn't cooperating. Hope it finishes up quickly!

Tina said...

Looks good! Maybe I should let you pick out the wall colors for my house. :)

sewprimitive karen said...

The colors are so pretty. What a beautiful house!