Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Suffragette Completed!

I am very excited to report that I finally completed the Suffragette quilt that I previously posted about here and here. I really love this quilt and am happy that I'll be able to use it this summer for the patriotic decorating. The photo isn't the greatest, but Ben was a willing quilt "hanger" for me as we had horrible weather all weekend long and thus terrible lighting and no where to really get a great photo. This was the best I could do, given the circumstances.

The pattern is by Heartspun Quilts and the fabric is mostly Minick and Simpson's Prairie Paisley line. While a lot of piecing, I love the scrappiness of this quilt and the colors (as evidenced by the fact that I also bought - repeatedly - multiple charm packs of this fabric line).

Sandi quilted it for me and did a wonderful job. The central part of the quilt features an all-over pattern with stars and curvy banner-like details:

and I had her put feathers in the border, which I love, love love.

It certainly feels like winter today, but this quilt has me thinking summer!

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Mom said...

The fabrics look like they are truly vintage. I like the stars that Sandi put on in the quilting of this gorgeous quilt. Do you have a place already in mind to hang it for all the patriotic dates this summer?