Sunday, March 29, 2009

No, it's not Valentine's Day, but ...

This is the year I'm dedicated to working on projects already in my stash. Amongst the stack are a good number of small tops that I'm convinced I can quilt myself and don't need to send out to complete. As I mentioned in another post recently, I've been motivated to do some actual quilting rather than piecing, even if the tops I'm working on aren't exactly seasonally relevant.

All of that is preface for this small panel that I quilted in literally half an hour.

I'd spray-basted it BEFORE Valentine's Day and then couldn't motivate to actually quilt it. So when inspiration strikes, go with it, right? Now I've got another cute little project ready for next February. And to be honest, I find it difficult to finish Valentine's projects in time because it comes so close after Christmas, at least in terms of sewing timelines.

Nothing complicated about this one, but at least it's off the pile! Another check off the list!

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Gabby said...

How do you like spray basting? Does it work only for small quilts or could I get away with using it for a baby quilt?