Saturday, May 24, 2008

Sewing one's fingers...

is not what one is supposed to do with a sewing machine. But I did it for the first time tonight - I sewed my own finger!!! That was the thing that I feared the most about sewing when I was a kid: I was afraid of the sewing machine because I couldn't figure out how one didn't sew in a finger (the serger was even more scary - couldn't one cut off one's hands that way?). But in all of my time sewing, I've never actually caught my finger in the machine (and I'm somewhat surprised that it hasn't actually happened before).

Don't ask me what I was doing tonight - just doing some simple piecing, which is why this makes no sense - but all of a sudden my machine made a weird noise and I felt some definite pain in my left middle finger! Upon closer inspection, I saw that the machine needle had broken in several spots with the tip on the bed of the machine, part of the shaft through my finger, and the remainder still attached to the machine.

I think I got lucky because it really only went through a small portion of my finger. I don't think I even did any cursing. I just pulled the piece out, showed it to Ben, and then sucked on it to stop the bleeding. A small bandage did the trick, but I can see the little spots of blood from the in and out holes of the needle.

After applying the bandage, it was right back to piecing. Nothing like getting back on the horse, right? Perhaps I should start a club for those who have sewn themselves into their projects! Anyone else a member?


Karen said...

I did that a month or two ago for the first time. Such a shock to find you've finally caught your finger under the needle after all those years of sewing.

Anonymous said...

Well at least you didn't have a nail gun in hand.