Saturday, May 24, 2008

Four Seasons Quilt Swap

Inspired by my participation in our local round robin exchange, I signed up for and got into my first quilt swap. I'd read about the Four Seasons Quilt Swap on a couple of blogs that I read regularly, and it looked like they had a good time creating and receiving quilts from some individual they'd never met. And this would be a new way for me to challenge myself as a quilter and to grow as well.

The scale is small - between 16 and 20 inches square, and the deadline is the end of July, so I figure this is doable. The quilt has to represent summer in some way. Other rules, if you're interested in what is going into this, are here.

I received the information about my recipient earlier this week and have had some fun this morning looking over her blog to get a sense of her tastes and what she might like. The quilt has to represent some aspect of the season of summer. I have some ideas, but I'm curious: what does "summer" mean to you? Stay posted for progress updates and sneak peaks.

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Tamara said...

Summer is NOT the wicked cold wind that just started up and drove me in the house (and the two sets of neighbors as well) five minutes ago. Of course, perhaps I will get one of my own projects worked on. I was thinking about your question though -- and thinking about big rumbling thunder and lightening storms. That is summer!