Thursday, May 22, 2008

Grocery Store as Quilting Source?

Two Saturdays ago I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics in the morning to pick up a few supplies for the workshop I took last Saturday with Ann Fahl (great workshop, I'll post more about it soon). I knew the newest issue of Quilt Sampler was coming out around that time, so I checked the magazine section at Jo-Ann's, but didn't see it. Figured I'd just have to wait a bit longer and would check back in a couple of weeks.

Who would have expected that I'd find the magazine later that same day - at the grocery store! I was in the card section at the local Sentry store and just happened to glance over at the magazines which are right next door in the same section. Lo and behold, there was the newest issue of Quilt Sampler! They also had a few other quilting magazines. Nice to know that I can sneak in a few quilting supplies on the grocery bill... (Actually, I subscribe to the others they had in stock, so Ben needn't worry.)

I love the quilt on the cover of this issue, made from the Minick and Simpson Prairie Paisley line. They offer a kit, which I am very tempted to buy. But instead I'm going to focus on making the kit I purchased at the Chicago quilt festival that also uses this fabric (the pattern is Suffragette, and I blogged about it here). Minick and Simpson have another line coming out later this year in a similar palette and if I still love this pattern then, I can make it from that line - American Primer. I did start cutting and sewing Suffragette tonight; I haven't really pieced in so long that it was incredibly refreshing to get back into it. I'm looking forward to more sewing time over the long weekend.

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