Saturday, May 31, 2008

Good mail day!

Nothing like coming home from a winning Brewers ball game last night to discover that I had three brand new quilting magazines waiting for me: Quilter's Home, Quilters Newsletter, and Quiltmaker! That's what I call a good mail day (as opposed to those when you only get perhaps a bill or a junk mailer addressed to "occupant").

Add to that the fact that I had received two quilting magazines in the mail two days earlier - American Patchwork and Quilting and Quilting Arts - and I've had a pretty good mail week and have loads of quilting inspiration (apparently I am a magazine addict!).

If only I could actually make some time for quilting! This week has been totally taken over by reunion planning, but once reunion is over (15 days, but who is counting?), I should have significantly more time to devote to quilting once again. Yippee!

I did do a bit of sewing last weekend and attended Batik Club at Patched Works on Tuesday night with Tamara and will post some photos of that tonight... I hope (assuming that the reunion to-dos don't take longer than I'd like).

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Anjea said...

Found your blog via Mark Lipinski's site. :D I love your quilts, and we seems to have similar attitudes! I gotta say - us young quilters are definitely leaving our mark.

Mind if I add you to my Google reader? I'm not always great about commetinng (but if you have a LiveJournal, I'm great about it there, lol) but I'm working on getting better...