Friday, May 23, 2008

My Round Robin

After months and months, I finally got my own round robin quilt back (yes, I did finish my final round of sewing all the way back in January). It's not actually finished yet - I'll have to finish a bit of machine applique - but it's back in my hands and I'm thrilled with it. The only down side is that it has gotten so large that I don't know how I'm going to manage quilting it. It really requires custom work and I'd planned to quilt it myself all along, but I'm not sure that I can do it justice under my home machine. It's now approximately:

This is the block that I started with. I had NO IDEA that I would end up with a quilt so different and so beautiful. I honestly didn't know what to expect, which was the exciting about the entire thing. I so thank all of the women who helped in creating a unique quilt that I will treasure forever.

Close up of Michelle's Block

Thanks to Lisa (I'm linking to the images in her webshots album), I've got pictures of the quilt in each of its stages of progress, which you've probably never seen before because I wasn't blogging back in those days.

Round 2: Caren framed it and set it on point.

Round 2

Round 3: Lisa added applique.

Round 3 Michelle's quilt

Round 4: Sandi added a pieced border (not triangles).

Round Robin Meeting-Round 4 Sandy

Round 5: Julie framed it and made a label.

Round 6: Caroline added a triangle border.

RR 6 Triangles Michelle

Round 7, as shown at the top, was an anything goes border, added by Lori.

Isn't this wonderful? While I found the round robin to be stressful at times, I also felt it challenged me in new ways and forced me to think about design myself rather than simply following someone else's instructions. Some day in the future, you may see this quilt quilted (don't quote me on what year)!

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