Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Quilt Gift

As a quilter, it isn't too often that I receive quilted items myself as gifts. Fabric, patterns, books, gift certificates: yes. But finished pieces for me? No. I suppose people figure I can make them myself. Which is true. And I love to do it.

So imagine my surprise when Becky, my student employee for the past four years, presented me with this small top when we had lunch last Monday! While she sews in the costume shop and does all kinds of other crafty things, this was her first attempt at making a quilt. Machine-pieced and quilted with hand embroidery! I feel so lucky.

As Becky knows, I do try to keep a seasonal quilt of sorts in my cube and I've been months behind in changing them and finally just resorted to a blank space where a quilt would go until I got around to finishing another one appropriate to the season (or dug through the pile and remembered to bring one in). But now I don't have to worry about it: this lovely piece graces my cube and will always remind me of this special and talented young woman. Thanks, Becky!

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Marg said...

What a lovely surprise and thoughtful gift.